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Bond Indenture Insurance Reviews

Consultants, Insurance & Risk Management

Many organizations have requirements in their bond indentures or financing agreements that require a periodic review of the organization’s insurance program to assure the program complies with the insurance requirements contained in the bond language. Requirements demand that the review be conducted by and independent consultant to avoid any potential conflict of interest for the agent or broker. Since we do not sell insurance, we do not compete with your incumbent agent or broker. 


  • Personal interview at client facility
  • Tour of client facility to confirm risks to which the insurance program is to address
  • Risk Management analysis of information gathered
  • Assessment of existing insurance programs – policy analysis
  • Discussion with insurance broker(s) about any open or pending coverage provisions
  • Bond indenture document review
  • Draft report provided to client to confirm understanding and opinions prior to submission to the Bond Trustee
  • Document directed to Bond Trustee 


  • Eliminate the concern from incumbent insurance brokers
  • Provide you with an independent professional opinion
  • Maintain policy confidentiality
  • Are accepted by numerous lending institutions as professionals in the field of insurance evaluation and compliance
  • Provide the bond trustee the assurance that the risk transfer program utilized by your firm is based on sound risk management decisions and funding. 

See our brochure with sample bond language and insurance opinion