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Government and Industry Risk Management 

​​Charlesworth & Associates, L.C.

All organizations need risk management. Often risk management is only considered a component of workers’ compensation, but it is much more. What ESSENTIAL functions does risk management fulfill? Third party representation is always beneficial, but why not have your insurance agent represent you as your risk manager?

With Charlesworth & Associates, LC as your risk manager or risk management consultant, we can perform critical services including, but not limited to:

  • Review of insurance and indemnification provisions in all contract agreements
  • Assist in the development of insurance provisions for municipal codes
  • Comparing insurance coverage, conditions and premiums with comparable entities to assure competitiveness
  • Design underwriting criteria and market insurance programs through a single agency, or multiple brokers.
  • Develop incident and claim reporting systems to prevent unknown exposures or hazards
  • Discuss freely and without a perceived conflict of interest topics such as risk financing options including self-insurance, large deductibles, retrospective rating programs, etc.
  • Negotiate insurance coverages on your behalf with your agent
  • Act as a buffer between the client and the insurance salesperson
  • Provide conflict free advice on market conditions and loss transfer strategies
  • Attend Board, Commission, Council or Committee meeting

We recognize that perception is reality. We also understand that utilizing an outside consultant must be cost effective in order to be of value. Contact a member of our firm and we can discuss just how affordable professional risk management services can be for your government entity or industry.​​