RFPs - What to expect

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The project begins with a meeting at the client’s primary location to discuss the objectives and to gather information necessary to conduct a general risk assessment. At the request of the client, a more comprehensive risk assessment can be conducted followed by either an executive summary or complete feasibility study. 
During the initial meeting, we prefer to meet key individuals throughout the organization and to visit all primary locations in order to gain as much underwriting information as possible. Our philosophy is that a superior RFP leads to superior results.
The RFP is approved by the client and distributed to selected insurance representatives. The selection of participants will be based on the client’s procurement policies and procedures.
Upon receipt of the RFP, the insurance representatives are asked to provide us a list of the markets they wish to approach, in their order of preference. We review all of the market requests with our client and assign exclusive use of each market to the appropriate insurance representatives.  
All communication during the RFP process is required to funnel through our firm. We rely on our clients to assist in completing additional applications and providing requested underwriting information. 
All of the participants who wish to offer a proposal are required to complete a “Proposal Format” which details their proposed coverages, conditions and premiums.  
A detailed spreadsheet comparing the features of all of the available programs is presented to the client to assure understanding. 
Our goal is to provide our clients the tools necessary to make an informed decision. The “turnkey” marketing project can take as long as 4 or 5 months, so an early start is critical.